A banshee is a female spirit who heralds lost ghost to the afterlife. Their presence is thought to be a myth considering their thin population and purpose in the Shadow Realm. Banshees are also known for whaling or shrieking when death is near for a person physically close to them. The shriek can be heard for miles and travels across bodies of water, mistaken for whale calls, to which their cry received its name.

Appearance Edit

Banshees can change their form to come off as a human, no matter the sex, age, etc, but in their native state they are tall and slender with the appearance of an old woman. Though they’re neutral to almost all other species, they’re depicted as representations of death because of their ghastly appearance. They carry an invisible rune where their collar bone and neck meet, which burns them into hell upon them revealing what they see in the afterlife.

Behavior Edit

Banshees are known for their wisdom and giving aid to living creatures during times of struggle. Their motherly traits come most in hand when working along the angels to bring the spirits of the deceased to the peaceful afterlife. Banshees are banned from talking about the afterlife and what they see in it.

Creation Edit

A banshee is created when a woman is killed from having her spirit extracted from her body. Similar to the creative process of birthing Djinns, banshees acquire amass of spiritual and demonic energy over time which they use to shapeshift their appearance.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Banshees are most known for their whaling call which sounds off when the death of an individual is near. Only a handful of banshees can make themselves solid, for a small window of time at the expense of their energy. Those few who can solidify have been known to carry abnormal strength and reflexes. Banshees hardly carry and magical capabilities except for the abilities named above, with the exception of traveling to the afterlife.

Because they are spirits, Banshees are immortal but can be killed through fatal magic.