Cambions are social creatures that prowl in the night and rest during the day. Like many warlocks, cambions could live their entire lives without meeting their demon parent. It's rare that a Cambion even knows its mundane parent, considering their reproduction is a consequence of rape. They are sometimes hunted because unlike demons, they're bodies don't disappear upon death, making them valuable to demon research.

Appearance Edit

Cambions appear very mundane and hardly every carry any differing traits from their demonic parentage.

Behavior Edit

They act mundane, as if there wasn't a hint of demon in them. There have been a few cambions in history who have headed demon worshiping cults.

Creation Edit

Cambion are the children of mundane women and the demon race, Incubus. Incubus are known for raping women while the dream and leaving them before the wake up, only to return every night until the woman has lost her humanity and eventually dies. In rare cases, however, one of the unfortunate women becomes pregnant and sustains a half-demon, half-human offspring. Cambions usually kill their mother upon birth and are frequently found in orphanages without the slightest clue as to what they are.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Cambion carry no special abilities or weaknesses. They have a distaste for sunlight and possess poor capabilities for magic.