Djinns, more commonly known as a Genie, is a male spirit that has been trapped inside an item built to entrap souls and magical presences. Like their sister species banshees, djinns were once human, but have had their spirits extracted from their body, leading to their death. Being trapped inside of an item leads to several years of a djinn storing and producing magic, making their magical capabilities one of the best in the Shadow Realm.

Appearance Edit

Djinns lack a complete humane appeal. From their waist up they have a human male figure, but from the waist down their bottoms seap into a pointed tale. Their magic gives them an endless amount of appearances since they can change their look.

Behavior Edit

Djinns are as wise as they are powerful, but sometimes that can be hidden in their fear. Most djinns have been trapped for centuries, making their return to a new time period all the more traumatic. They feel as they owe those who free them a great debt and frequently get attached.

Creation Edit

Djinns were once human males, whose souls were extracted from their bodies and encased within an item. For many years they waited for their release, building up their magic.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Djinns can be highly destructive because they lack the training that many other species gain in time. When they first are released, they can release large quantities of energy at once, without knowing it, causing destruction seen in the picture above. They can change their appearance and phase through matter like a ghost, but solidifying themselves cost magic. There is the belief that Djinns grant wishes, which is true so long as a wish is in their domain of power.