Dwarves are small human-like creatures that dwell in the mountains and associate their business with smithing, mining, and crafting. They're an isolated species that frequently doesn't associate themselves with outsiders. They have their own colonies in the mountains, where they've mined and built their homes.

Appearance Edit

The most notable feature of a dwarf is their height. The tallest dwarf was said to measure just below three feet, shorter than most swords. They're said to be very ugly creatures that dress themselves in charcoal and ember colored clothing. They can live to be two hundred years and grow long snow white beards that touche their feat.

Behavior Edit

Dwarves are known to be proud and violent if you insult their pride. Its rare that you see a dwarf act outside of its own greed.

Creation Edit

Dwarves are the children of Elfs and Mundanes.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Dwarves are strong and fast and experts when it comes to crafting. They have a keen sense for combat with heavy melee weapons.