Elves are magical creatures that inhabit the Shadow World and rarely the Mundane World. There is nothing really special about them. They exist so the E-I Bestiary List has give place holders instead of four.

Apperance Edit

Elves are tall and slender and have a green gleam to their skin. Their hair is mostly blonde and they typically have darker eyes. They occasionally do have leaves, vines, and other natural elements growing from them which can safely be removed.

Behavior Edit

Elves take after their Fae parents in the sense that they are tricksters and love playing pranks on humans, though they aren't as dangerous as the Fae's. They can be brutal and hateful towards mundanes and the Shadowhunters that guard them.

Creation Edit

Elves are the children of Mundanes and Faeries.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Elves are faster and more intelligent than humans but lack their strength and fighting capabilities. They can't use magic, however they aren't completely useless in combat. Because of their intelligence and tall figures, they've made expert bowsmen and generals in history. They can be killed same as a human, through fatal injury.