Ghost are the spirits of the dead that can appear or manifest into visible forms to the living. It's typical that ghost remain in the world of the living because they're being held back by baggage from their life, though it is possible for the spirit of the dead to hold themselves back on their own free will.

Appearance Edit

Ghost look as they were when they were alive, quite often dressed in what they wore when they died or what they were buried in. Some ghost have been seen bloodied or with an object impaling them, frequently by any object that killed them.

Behavior Edit

Ghost who choose to remain in the world of the living often have the same personality that they possessed when they were alive. Ghost who remain for more tragic reasons often have more tragic personalities, as if they had lived through their death and grew as a mundane.

Creation Edit

Ghost are the spirits of dead humans, shadowhunters, or creatures that were once mundane, except for the Forsaken and vampires.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Only the oldest of ghost can channel their supernatural energies into changing their form and becoming corporeal. Ghost can be captured and put into items (if they remain in them for long enough, they can become Djinn. Ghost can also cross to the other side with the aid of a Banshee.