Grovert Wolfshine, originally Galivant Greystark, is the last surviving member of Idris’s Greystark Household. Shortly after his household was slayed by a pack of Greater Demons, Grovert was turned into a werewolf. He went off the grid when he turned eighteen and has lived under the name Grovert Wolfshine in Wolfswood, Castamere where he leads the country’s werewolf pack.

History Edit

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Grovert was born the eldest child to Roddrick and Melinda Ravenclaw, highly decorated Shadowhunters known for their work against killing Greater Demons and cleaning out entire Demon packs. Being born into the wealthiest family had its perks: Grovert was taught by the best tutors, received the best Shadowhunter equipment, and had a nearly endless supply of gold.

When he turned eight, he along with his siblings Aryana and Maya, were uprooted from the Greystark Manor and forced to move to England where their parents ran the city's institute. Their tutors followed them and continued their education.

The Greystark children soon became productive members in the Shadowhunter community. Grovert was said to be one of the best for his time, a common footnote amongst Greystark shadowhunters. It wasn't before long that he was taken with his parents to extinguish packs of demons and enforce The Accords amongst the Downworlders. He made a name for himself amongst the Downworlder community, and soon the demons and downworlders had another Greystark to fear.

When Grovert turned seventeen, himself and his parents raided an abandoned werehouse which secretly belonged to the Fae. What they found was a man dressed in black who had with him five Greater Demons. They Greystarks barely made it out alive, minus Rodrick who sacrificed his life for his wife and three children to live. Rather than free across the city to their institute, the family opted to visit a local werewolf pack which they could trust with their protection.

They were accepted by the pack, but mutiny played into the night and the werewolves turned on the family. The Greystarks were slaughtered except for Jonathan, who lived with a bite to the shoulder. He returned to the institute to find that his tutor had left with his most valuable belongings, and that he was alone in the world.

Grovert pulled his family's money from the Idris bank and employed it to a Mundane bank. For a few years, Grovert moved from place to place under his false name. When he discovered Castamere, he took over the pack by challenging its leader and won.